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The History of People Helpin People

Landon’s “People Helpin’ People” philosophy and the story that led him to it

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The Philosophy

People Helpin’ People was never intended to be a mantra or motto, it’s just how I do life. It’s about approaching every human interaction with the mindset that I can do something, no matter how small, to positively impact their life.

On the personal side, this may simply be complimenting someone’s shirt, or introducing someone to a friend because they both like horses.

On the professional side, this manifests itself in the form of marketing consulting, connecting businesses to clients, introducing like-minded entrepreneurs, and brokering mutually beneficial deals. A couple scary life experiences recently highlighted how important this maxim really is to me, because I needed help, and I received it in so many ways. At this point, I’d call it more of a selfish selflessness – I’m really the one benefiting from People Helpin’ People.

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The Birth of People Helpin’ People

This isn’t your Cinderella, or typical “Rags to Riches” story, but rather one of resilience.  After successfully launching his firm, Double L Brands, Landon started acquiring clients and growing his company.  One particular company was so impressed with his work that they brought him to Denver to oversee the launch of a new company.

Things were looking good, as they always do before a tragedy, when one fateful day on a downhill mountain biking expedition, Landon crashed hard and broke his neck.  

That would be the end for some, but Landon, always the optimist, saw the silver lining.  While unable to move, he knew he’d have an opportunity to continue to learn, read, and research to be even better for his clients…all while learning how to walk and basic motor skills again.

Landon would recover, yet due to the stress the neck injury had placed on him, knew there had to be a better quality of life than the high flying pace of start-ups.

Landon would move on to live on a house boat in the Bahamas, working in the morning for his clients back in the United States, all while enjoying the beauty of the bohemian days and nights.

But something felt wrong, not mentally, but physically.  Upon visiting a doctor it was found that Landon had a large tumor in his back that would require a move back to the United States, chemo therapy and almost half a year of radiation treatment.

Again, Landon found the positive in the storm.  He was now back closer to family and friends.  Through it all, he saw the beauty in those that helped him in his most troubled times, remained optimistic always, and made a conscious effort to live life as a person that helps others, always…

and thus, People Helpin’ People was born.